A framework of performance indicators used in the governance of logistics platforms: the multiple-case study

Autor: SILVA, R. M. ; SENNA, E. T. P. ; LIMA JÚNIOR, O. F. ; A. S. Luiz

The logistics platform (PL) can be understood as a place where different actors in the supply chain could be integrated in the same physical location and with this, obtain a greater synergy among the various logistical processes. That enabling an improvement in the level of logistical service provided to the client and representing a competitive advantage for the permanence of these organization’s in the market where they operate. The objective of this research was to elaborate a framework of performance indicators that could be used in the governance of logistics platforms based on bibliographical research on performance indicators in the business environment and logistics indicators. To achieve the proposed objective, a multiple cases study with leaders of logistic platforms located in Zaragoza, Valencia, and Barcelona in Spain was carried out. As a result a set of twenty seven performance indicators were identified. That presented a high degree of importance and can contribute to the governance of logistics platforms. The results from this study can contribute to observations and applications regarding the use of indicators in the governance of logistics platforms.

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