Center for teaching and learning in the school os civil engineering


This is a descriptive study involving Center for Teaching and Learning in higher education institutions. Relevant books and articles have been chosen. Their authors were or are in high positions in those centers. These centers are a crucial area in Higher Education Institutions aiming at leading the faculties’ academic behavior to improving their academic instruction their teaching methods. Programs and services supplied by one center will not necessarily fit other centers. It depends on the culture of the institutions and faculties. Needs assessment and other measures are necessary together with continuous evaluations of the centers work. The feedback is relevant for the center to steer the directions of its programs and services. Committing to faculty development is the most crucial mission of a center aiming at achieving teaching and learning excellence, involving graduate students, teaching assistants, postdocs, new faculties and others in need. The top issues of a Faculty Development Program by 2021 are blended approaches of learning, active methodologies, faculty development leadership, interdisciplinary approaches, work and life balance, mentorship, teaching peer review, new faculty support, teaching assistant development, faculty work time management, faculty work ethical conduct, community learning service and scholarly writing, among others. The objective of this study is to describe the functional characteristics of a center, with focus on the Faculty Development Program. It is part of a doctoral project concerning the proposal of one center for the School of Civil Engineering, in Unicamp, a Brazilian university.

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