Intelligent Packaging and the Internet of Things in Brazilian Food Supply Chains: the Current State and Challenges

Autor: NOLLETO, A. P. R. ; LOUREIRO, S. A. ; Castro, R. B. ; LIMA JÚNIOR, O. F.

In developing countries, significant food losses occur during distribution. The use of technologies such as Intelligent Packaging (IP) and the Internet of Things (IoT) may provide improvements in controlling the distribution of food products, minimizing losses. This paper identifies the Brazilian food supply chains current technological state and their receptivity to the IP and IoT technologies adoption. The analysis was based on a survey with logistics professionals from the country’s largest food companies, which represent 75.3% of this market (in sales). The results show that these companies do not currently use IP and that a few use what they consider to be IoT systems. Cost is the greatest barrier to the use of these technologies; however, the lack of knowledge about these technologies also represents a strong barrier to their use.

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