Remarks on collaborative maritime transportation’s problem using System Dynamics and Agent Based Modeling and Simulation approaches

Autor: SILVA, V. M. D. ; COELHO, A. S. ; NOVAES, A. G. N. ; LIMA JÚNIOR, O. F.

This paper deals with the collaborative maritime transportation problem which can be modeled with two different approaches: System Dynamics (SD) and Agent Based Modeling and Simulation (ABMS). In the literature concerning this topic they are indicated to model systems containing large numbers of active objects (industries, people, vehicles, warehouses, products) and their applications vary according to the required level of abstraction, which can consider more or less involved details. In order to contribute with the decision-making, one important logistic problem is adopted as example; and in the sequence, a comparative analysis between these two possible techniques to examine such problem is presented. Finally, this study describes how to model this problem using these techniques which improve the analysis of the global behavior of the supply chain. For further implementation, some recommendations are given.

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